Greased Hydraulic Track Tensioners

Tighten MTL tracks quickly in the field or shop using a simple grease gun! You no longer have to adjust rusty old jack screws with wrenches.

Maintaining correct track tension has never been so easy. Bair’s patented greased hydraulic track tensioners are the quick and easy way to make sure you tracks are always perfectly tensioned. Poor track tension is one of the leading causes of drive lug damage.

No more swinging shifters or using hammers to move stubborn tensioners, simply grab the grease gun, a few quick pumps and the tension is perfect. Tracks are expensive, and easily damaged if not tensioned correctly. Bair’s hydraulic tensioners will allow you to quickly and constantly maintain good track tension.

Bair’s Greased Hydraulic Tensioners also removing tracks a breeze. Reducing the time and effort Greased Hydraulic Track Tensioners

Suits: RC30, 50, 60, 85, 100, CAT247, 257, 267, 277, 287

Red Roo Solutions

Red Roo Solutions came into being as result of searching for solutions to problems with our own machines. Always trying to make them more efficient and cut down on operating costs and machine downtime.

We now distribute the highly successful range of Bair Products from the US. Designed to make your ASV or Cat rubber tracked machine last longer, run better, operate more efficiently, extend track life, save fuel, reduce downtime and save you money.