Question: Have Larry Lugs been tested for reliability?

ANSWER: Absolutely. We have several thousand hours of testing on a wide range of rubber tracked loaders in every possible environment.

Question: Won’t the bolts pull through the track?

ANSWER: No. The only way lugs will pull through is from incorrect installation

Question: Does drilling holes in the tracks weaken them?

ANSWER: No. The process of bolting on Larry Lugs actually makes the laminate stronger as they pull the multi layers of rubber and core belts together. In some cases of delamination we have saved tracks that otherwise would have been discarded.

Question: Will the head of the bolts scratch concrete or other susceptible surfaces?

ANSWER: No. The bolts are specific “button screw type” which bury into the rubber tread.

Question: How long do Larry Lugs last?

ANSWER: One of the best things about Larry Lugs is their durability. We have Larry Lugs which have been re-used on 3 tracks over 3000hrs and are still working.

Question: How difficult are Larry Lugs to install?

ANSWER: Larry Lugs are simple to install and don’t require any “special tools” . Our Larry Lug starter kit includes everything you require including templates. **power tools not included.

Question: How many lugs should I replace at one time?

ANSWER: That is totally up to you. If you identify the first lug missing and the adjacent lugs are still ok, just replace the broken one. If all the lugs are in bad condition you can replace them all guarantying no more downtime due to drive lug problems.