Larry Lugs

Stop replacing perfectly good tracks, and save thousands of dollars.

Busted or worn track drive lugs are an inherent problem of rubber tracked machines. Once a couple of lugs are lost an otherwise perfectly good track becomes useless.

Previously your only option was an expensive new track, even though your old track still had hundreds if not thousands of hours of tread still in it. Larry Lugs are the worlds only rubber drive lug replacement. Manufactured from a specially created high density composite polyethylene, Larry lugs are a quick, easy and very effective option. The lugs are designed to simply bolt onto the track in place of the damaged or dropped drive lug. They can be fitted in the field and will have you back on the job in a matter of minutes. You can replace a single lug, or an entire track. Extend your track life by hundreds of hours for just a fraction of the price of a new track.

Introduced in 2005 and Larry Lugs are still the only way to permanently replace drive lugs.

Larry Lugs are threaded and simply bolt on through the track with 2 high grade bolts. The bolt heads pull tight to below track tread level, allowing for full use of the machine on all surfaces as usual. Larry Lugs design allows them to slip efficiently through the drive table Larry Lugs work and they will get you back on the job quicker.

This track has a number of new Larry Lugs installed, visible along the top and also the bottom between the bogie wheels. A previously installed Larry Lug is also visible. Without Larry Lugs this track would have been discarded.Drive lug with extensive degradation, this lug is now useless. The lug beside it is showing signs of damage due to the additional load placed on it. The damaged lug needs to be replaced immediately and the other needs to be monitored for signs of further deterioration. Complete Drive lug delamination. The lug has been completely torn away exposing the Kevlar belt below. The lugs either side are showing extensive damage due to the increased load. Larry Lugs can still be successfully fitted even with this amount of damage. In this case both lugs either side should be replaced as well. Drive lug showing signs of delamination and damage. This lug should be replaced with a Larry Lug soon to avoid costly on job failure and to avoid damage to the lugs either side. This track laid in a yard (pic 5) for 12 months until 16 Larry Lugs were fitted for a cost of $501.60. It is back on a machine again. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of tracks lay idle because of damaged drive lugs. The repaired track in Pic 4 came from this pile of tracks.

Keep Larry Lugs on hand and avoid the urgent call for help

"...mate, I need half a dozen Larry Lugs out here as soon as you can, half way through a job and I've dropped a couple of lugs..."

This is the most common call we get from operators. We will always try and help everyone out, but sometimes despite our best efforts it is just not possible to get Larry Lugs field overnight, and when we can, there are always additional delivery costs.

Always keep spare Larry Lugs on hand. We recommend that you should always have at least 5 Larry Lugs per machine on hand at any time.

Larry Lug packs are sold in packs ranging from 5 to 100, and the more you buy the cheaper they are. Save time, money and your machine, keep spares on hand.