Heavy Duty Aluminium Wheels

Bullet proof your undercarriage with Red Roo’s hardened aluminium alloy wheels

Years of R&D have gone into producing the toughest and lightest aluminium alloy bogie and idler wheels. These wheels are tough and will keep your machine running longer for much less.

Replacing old fashioned rubber wheels with our solid aluminium alloy wheels will greatly improve machine performance and reduce downtime due to damaged wheels.

These wheels will also provide extended track life due to the lack of wear allowing them to maintain a broad flat contact area with the track, old fashioned rubber wheels wear at the edges resulting in a thinner cross section along the outer rim where it makes contact with the track Red Roo Idler Wheels

Old fashioned rubber wheels just can’t compare with the new hardened aluminium alloy wheels now available. These wheels are virtually indestructible with normal machine use.

Our wheels are supplied totally knocked down with all internals, inc heavy duty bearings, seals, washers, clips etc for hubbed wheels, or as bolt on for our new range of superhub upgrades.