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We talk to a lot of machine operators about Larry lugs and our other products. The best advice we can give is don’t wait until you need Larry Lugs, have some on hand now.

Thousands of operators are using Larry Lugs across the country, they are a proven solution to a major and expensive headache, having to replace entire tracks because of a few broken drive lugs.

If you aren’t sure yet give us a call, we are more then happy to answer any questions or provide advice as best we can. If necessary we are happy to give you names of operators currently using Larry Lugs so you can call them.

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“..Got a problem?
Call us and get a Red Roo solution
We’ll get you sorted…”


Keep Larry Lugs on hand and avoid the urgent call for help

“…mate, I need half a dozen Larry Lugs out here as soon as you can, half way through a job and I’ve dropped a couple of lugs…”

This is the most common call we get from operators. We will always try and help everyone out, but sometimes despite our best efforts it is just not possible to get Larry Lugs field overnight, and when we can, there are always additional delivery costs.

Keep spare Larry Lugs on hand and save yourself time and money.