Heavy Duty Kevlar® Core Rubber Tracks

Genuine Kevlar® dual core belted rubber tracks from Red Roo Solutions Stop paying too much for tracks, talk to us about good quality tracks that will save you $$$

We can offer CAT MTL and ASV Positrack / Terex owners a new choice in tracks. Red Roo tracks are built to the highest international standards and come in 2 tread pattern choices.

Red Roo Solutions has a track tread design for your application whatever it is. Check out track prices for your machine in our Price List page.

Standard Application Tread consisting of alternating bands of wide and narrow horizontal tread bars. This tread pattern is suitable for use in all applications and offers a smooth riding track with a deep flexible tread profile.

This track design has an advanced lug bonding system that provides for better adherence of the single piece drive lugs to the belt, offering improved resistance to drive lug delamination.

Standard Application Tread pattern tracks are available for all ASV/TEREX and CAT MTL machines excluding  MD70, SC50, ST50, SR/PT 70


Please contact me for full price details

Norm Boisen – 0409 328 758